Commissioners will have fixed prices equal to the first commission they made, even if the price of commissions rice up. So remember the prices at the moment you commission, so u can get a discount if the price of the commissions rice!

By doing a commission with me, you accept these terms of service. If you disagree in any part of these terms, you must no contract this service.

Commission details:

I will send you, the jpg file at max resolution, (can be  a png/bmp,  or the one you prefer), ill send you the .Kra(Krita file), and if wanted to, i can convert it to .Psd(Photoshop file).

There will be two sketches, an initial one. That will be a fast sketch so you can change things as pose, composition, proportions, sizes, etc. And the second one, that will be the one that will content those changes plus a cleaning.
After those sketches, I’ll work on more cleaning (Sketch), Ill work on the colors (Color Sketch), and ill work on the lightning, shadows and linework (Render).

After the work is done, ill work on minor changes if wanted, and after those, ill work on the alterations to the work if there is one.

Usually it takes almost a week to complete the work. So ill ask if you can be super specific with the things you want, so I can make a good job, and faster.

The payment, will be up front, I don’t accept refunds after the work its done.
If you don’t want the commission before I started, let me know so I make a refund. It will not be Full Refund.
(there are fees).

Animation — currently off.
For adding movement to the work, in any state(Sketch/Color/Render).


Colors —- 25usd
Flat colors with cleaned sketch





Any additional character will be 40% extra (sketch, color, render, animation)
[If its the lower part of a man, for example, it’s free.]
Alterations to the commission cost 5 usd extra. (Price vary in complexity)
[a cum version, dickout, different facial expresion, etc.] if I cant do it, ill let you know.

Comic — with a fixed A4 aspect ratio:
Sketch page— 50usd
clean sketch comic page.
Color Page— 75usd
cleaner, without rendering.
Rendered Page— 130usd
shadows, lights, and linework.
Movement Page— +20usd
-up to 3 frames, price per frame. Recommended only the principal.
Extra info:
-A frame is a draw, with a pose and usually with a specific action.
-A page, usually contains 1 or 2 principal frames, and cropped/action/movement frames.
-A page usually have between 5 to 7 frames
-For more than 3 pages, there’s a discount of 20% for any extra page.

It’s nesessary reference of:
If there isnt references, a detailed description its enough.

I accept Paypal, BankTransfer, Wise, Cryptos: usdT, Busd.