Commissions Terms Of Service

I will make this simple and fast, Here will be the information of the commission’s terms. Including from payment to use of the final piece. This will be more elaborated soon, but rn it’s more simple.

By making use of this service, you will accept the following rules:

1. be at least 18 years old. [for NSFW content. But if you’re here it may be the case :p]
2. be legally permitted for the use of this kind of services on your country.


1. prices remain fixed to the finish of the contract.
2. prices may change in a future, it will be on the commissions page, so… (commissioners may have a discount :p).
3. if you cancel the contract, the money back will be partially refunded or not refunded at all.
4. you can pay with cryptocurrencies or usd/yen/eur.
5. I will do a bill for the contract.


1. Toddlercon, Shotacon, Lolicon, and preggo are allowed.
2. Futa, gay, furry are allowed.
3. Rape, netorare/cuckold, and Zoo are allowed.
4. Other people’s Original characters are also OK, just need their permission.
5. Copyright characters are also OK.


1. Don’t send me Child Pornography, I will report you.
2. Don’t ask for free work.
3. No Scat/Gore/Diaper or Fart.
4. No real people.

If you want to take out the firm, I will cover the commission as a Comercial Use One. The price will be a bit higher, but that one it will be completely of your property, resell, company use, etc is fine.

The commission will be public for my socials, resised, censored. If you want it just for you, Ill cover you the Comercial Use price. Sorry but I have to protect it.